R&D Engineering Lifecylce Services


Aiotomate has developed the ability to recognize, create and utilize opportunities for product development and innovation. We enable our clients to achieve and manage business-transforming success through innovative products and ideas. Our deep-seated innovation culture enables us to go beyond boundaries and deliver high-value, high-impact solutions to our customers.


Aiotomate's R&D Engineering services and solutions are tailored to accelerate your product development process, enabling you to shrink the turnaround time across the product development lifecycle and introduce products faster to market. We provide value to our customers by helping them respond swiftly to market demands and ensure profitability by reducing development costs.


We operate at the forefront of new trends and discoveries and help our customers build intelligent products and help them bring those products to the market much before others. 


We offer industry-focused services in areas such as Telecom Wireless, M2M & Internet of Things catering industyr solutions for various verticals like Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Electronics. Some of our services include: