Wireless & M2M - Technology and Applications

M2M technology is becoming smarter and more mobile. The exciting thing about M2M is that the possibilities are endless in terms of what new innovative devices and applications can be developed that leverage M2M technology. Just like it is very hard to imagine what it is going to be without cell phones only 25 years ago.

M2M technology has spread rapidly throughout a broad range of application areas in recent years.


M2M technology ushers in great and tremendous changes. And the era of “Internet of Things” has been a reality for sometime already, which leads to an ever greater acceptance of M2M technology. Some of the key factors driving the market for M2M solutions include growing range of successful applications, regulatory mandates, penetration of 3G technology, and launch of 4G technology. Therefore, developments in M2M applications have been highly sophisticated and advanced. The handling of M2M becomes increasingly easier and production cheaper.


Aiotomate is geared to deliver the innovative Wireless & M2M technology solutions cost-effectively with greater speed and quality of service that end users require. We help our end customers in driving the positive business outcomes by realizing the value of wireless & M2M technologies that positively affects business models.

Aiotomate's Innovative Solutions

Intelligent M2M Device Management Solution

Aiotomate's M2M Solution offers innovative way of connected device provisioning, management & Analytics that can be easily integrated to other technologies. M2M Solution is devised on the mechanism of full lifecycle of registering devices, sending commands based on hardware types, receiving data responses and aggregating them.


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Innovative Wireless Video Solutions

Video delivery over wireless networks enables customers to view live events, broadcast customized content and on-demand high-definition video using any wireless (Wi-Fi) enabled device. Aiotomates innovative WLAN solution minimizes traffic bandwidth requirements by simultaneously delivering a single video stream to many users.


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